This is my year progress pic Feb 2013<Feb 2014. I was 263 before. I’m 212 now. I lost 51 pounds. It was a long journey, sometimes it still feels long. But I’m determined to reach my goals! I’ve been slacking for awhile. But I’m motivated again. My goal is to be 190-185 by May!. Follow my blog to keep up with my progress. I also want to follow more fitness blogs and follow other people’s progress. So follow me and I’ll follow back!

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2003 - 2013. Ten years of power. Thanks Beysus. 

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I miss one of my old guy Best friends. I known him since elementary school. We stopped talking after middle school. But I recently rain into him and it felt like old times. It felt like we never stopped talking. It felt like we picked up where we left off.. I hope we can rebuild our friendship!

Sometimes I wonder how it feel like to have guy friends… It never really crossed my mind. But I realized I only hanged with girls during high school… Hanging with girls all the time kinda get annoying..


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I’m the true definition of “Confused”!

I swear when High School is done, I’m cutting everybody off! I’m so tired of everything. I just wanna move far and start a new life!